Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fundamentally Different

One of the core points I try to communicate is the fundamental difference between the three things.  Physical things have logical attributes, and people assign them emotional attributes.

Logical: This mouse in my hand can be measured objectively, but the logical number which describes its length is different in centimeters and inches.  The number is the logical thing comparing the logical ratio of the physical length of the physical mouse to the physical length we describe as an inch.

Emotional: This mouse in my hand, the Logitech M305, has been discontinued by the company for newer tech with universal connectors.  Yet I love this mouse for its feel in my hand, the lack of pain in my wrist as compared to other mouses I've used, and the left-right tilt-wheel which I can assign Copy and Paste.  To me, this model of mouse represents extra utility, which I assign positive value, and safety, which I also assign positive value, thus I will seek out a mouse which satisfies these values if I lose it or if it breaks.  To the company, this model represents lower profits, to which it assigns negative value, thus it has halted this model's production and distribution.

Physical: This mouse in my hand is a collection of plastic, metal, rubber, and chemicals.  It looks black and grey and pink.  It is lighter than a stone of the same size.